Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Matthew 7:7

I have been working on memorizing scripture the past few weeks. Until recently this is something I only did when I was a child but I feel it’s the next step for me in my faith journey, to challenge myself and memorize a new scripture each week. Right now I am using a Bible Verse Alphabet that I printed and hung for the kids, to guide me to my verses. I am always amazed how God uses my patterning to often teach me a lesson. 

Matthew 7:7 
Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find. 

First I will start with the second part “seek and you shall find” over the last five years God has used my favourite things like blogs, social media and YouTube to help me find Him through my various passions and entertainment. Seek and you will find God, He is always close and He holds what you are looking for. 

Second, the first half of this verse has recently impacted my prayers “ask and it shall be given to you”. If my heart is in the right place, what I ask for WILL be given to me. Mind blowing right! God wants to fill us up to the point of overflowing, He knows our hearts greatest desires. I definitely was not praying big enough prayers until recently but now my prayers include the asking of things I know only God can accomplish, miracles! I also ask to know and do Gods will so I can help bring His miracles to life on earth. 

If your ever looking for a great way to start reading The Bible I would recommend the First 5 app, an amazing Bible study tool that allowed me to fall in love with reading The Bible. 

I would love to know any thoughts or lessons you may want to share on this verse. 

Peace & Hope 
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