Friday, 24 November 2017

A Christmas Tree Tradition

I totally have Clark Griswold syndrome: 'a person who dreams of unachievable standards for special family events'. That is my personal definition of the syndrome but explains me well.

The Christmas tree farm was so fun and continues to be a Christmas tradition that I look forward to but the reality of so much of these holiday activities don't always show up in the pictures shared here so let me break it down for you a little.

Raise your eggnog with me, to the real memories we are creating with our families

Heres to:

missing your turn, backtracking and arguing about directions

crying babies as you jam them into snowsuits that restrict them from walking

bringing the hot dogs to roast over the fire but forgetting to bring pokers for actually roasting them

ornament clusters created by littles, close to the bottom of the tree

kids who loose interest in tree decorating after 5 minutes

eating candy canes and sticky messes all over the house

trying to take a billion pictures and sometimes annoying your husband

These are the things we will probably forget as we look back at the pictures of our holidays and remember all the best parts. But really its all the best parts, its all part of the journey, the experience and the memories we create.

Here is a vlog of the day as well. Feel free to share any of your candid holiday moments in the comments below, I love you guys and love hearing from you.

I hope your Christmas is off to a great start.


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