Thursday, 23 February 2017

Spring Temps & Spray Tans

I am excited to be collaborating with Bronze Bodies Sarnia on todays post to offer you some tips for prepping your skin for a spray tan.

1. Moisturize your entire body regularly after washing to increase the moisture levels of your skin.

2. Exfoliate your body with a loofa regularly in the shower to remove dry patchy skin.

3. Exfoliate your face twice in the week leading up to your spray tan to ensure your surface skin cells are even.

4. Shave 24 to 48 hours before your spray tan.

5. Shower 24 to 12 hours before your spray tan but not the day of to ensure your body is fully and evenly dry.

6. The morning of your spray tan do not shower, moisturize or apply deodorant to assist in getting the most even tan application.

Come along with me on my Saturday as I get my spray tan and enjoy the awesome warm weather with my family.

Happy Bronzing!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

God's Movement

I have been working on having one true day of rest each week. There is always things to work on like cooking meals and such but when both kids are napping and I do have a few spare moments to myself on my rest day, I try to simply be still. This is actually very challenging for me but when I do honour this rest time, amazing things happen.

This past Sunday both kids did have naps that overlapped and while they slept, I laid on the back porch in the sun for 30 minutes. When I first sat down I considered grabbing my phone and doing a few things but resisted and instead just starred up at the big pine tree in our backyard and the amazing blue sky. Every few minutes the wind would pick up and move through the trees. As I started to relax and thank God for the moment, He talked to me. God spoke to me through the movement in the tree.

We can never see the wind until it moves through something.

We can never see God himself on earth until The Holy Spirit moves and works in us and the people around us.

I have been facing somethings in my life lately that scare me a little and I kind of forgot that with God I can truly do anything. He is within me and it is not by my own strength that I can overcome my giants but by His strength moving in me. But I need to allow The Holy Spirit to move through me. I need to be willing to do what God is calling me to do, even when I am afraid. I alway reason what I am actually capable of and forget that God can accomplish amazing things in ways I can not even imagine.

I am so grateful for this lesson I received from simply resting. God commanded a day of rest for a reason and He has really been nudging me to acknowledge it properly lately. I need to rest so I can make space and understand how God is working on moving in my life.


Friday, 17 February 2017

Whats In My Diaper Bag | Whats In My Purse

Hang with me while I organize my diaper bag and share my essentials. Thanks for watching. What are some of your diaper bag essentials?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


I have had the pleasure of enjoying Gather Lambton with my children a few times now since its opening and we all agree, it's a fun place!

When I first learned about this spot and the concept I was so excited. Moms get together with the kids at a place where the kids can get loose and the moms can connect. Bonus, no one has to tidy toys at the end the visit. Being at home with my children everyday can leave me feeling a little disconnected and alone sometimes. When my two year old throws a tantrum that makes me feel like my life is out of control or my baby wants to be held for days on end, the only thing I want to feel is the comfort of knowing I am not alone in this journey. For me, the answer is getting out of the house.

I try to get out a few times a week and we are grateful for a new place to gather with other moms and children who need what we need, to play and feel connected.

And while the adult interaction is life saving for me and the new environment is stimulating for my children, it also provides me with an opportunity to connect with Luke more deeply as well. When Lizzy falls asleep on the drive to Petrolia, Luke and I are provided with a window of focused play time, just the two of us, in an environment with very few distractions for me and that is something I am grateful for as well.

Why is it important for you to gather together with other moms and children? I would love to know, please comment.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Valentines Day Makeup Look | HAL Makeup Artistry

Check out the tutorial for this Valentines / date night look I created. Tyler and I were just headed out for groceries and dinner together but it feels good to get a little glam for the hubs. What are some of your go to glam beauty techniques, please comment below and let me know. Thanks for watching and hanging out.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Real Talk | Network Marketing | Arbonne

Hang out with me as I share why I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and answer some frequently asked questions about the Network Marketing Industry. 

Luke Lately

Luke, your sister likes to eat a lot so some days I don't feel as close to you as I am use to but I want you to know my love for you only changes in the amount that it grows. Because you have a sister I have been able to see some different sides of you that only make me love you more. You didn't get less of my heart when your sister was born, my momma heart just grew, making more room for more love. As you both grow, my heart will grow more because each day I get with you, allows me to love you more. You are amazing and unique and I am so proud to be your mother.

You started dance class last month, you were nervous to go in alone at first but you get more brave every week.

Seeing you with other children that are a little older than you, reminded me how little you still are. Your so big with your words and personality sometimes I forget your still such a little guy, this realization made me glad.

You say "Oh my goodness", with awesome expression!

You love to watch quads drive through and get stuck in the mud on YouTube.

You love to play with your quads and pretend to hunt for bears, moose and deer.

If we don't mention Lizzy during grace in our list of things we are thankful for, you always remind us not to forget her.

You are obsessed with Paw Patrol.

You currently wake up around 5am everyday.

I can be a little serious sometimes but you always remind me to chill out, laugh and have fun!

your mom

Thursday, 2 February 2017

All Arbonne | Everyday Makeup | HAL Makeup Artistry

Check out this quick everyday makeup look and let me know some of your favourite little makeup tips and tricks.