Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation vs Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

I have been using both the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation and the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation for the last few months now, here are my thoughts. Please comment with your favourite full coverage foundations. I am always down for trying a new foundation, face products are my favourite!

Shop Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Monday, 25 September 2017

My Prayers Are Not Big Enough

I was praying the other day about a situation in my life that needs healing and repair and God stopped me and said to my heart "your not praying big enough prayers, I am a God that resurrects and dives into the deepest, darkest pits to help my children." 

I realized in that moment that my prayers were being prayed with only my thought capacity for healing, God can do what I can't even imagine. I need to pray bigger prayers and make more room for God to do His amazing work, the work only He can orchestrate, and work He can do through not just me but everyone. Oh my goodness, God is so awesome. 

Praying really big prayers also strengthens my faith. Faith that God can do the impossible. Faith that God can accomplish what does not seem rational in my human mind. Because I live in the world and am influenced by the world, my faith can become shaken but prayer strengthens me for a new day. When I really need to strengthen my faith and desire God to set fire to a situation, I pray out loud. I have just started doing this in the last few months but I love it because it helps me to feel closer to Gods power. I also like that my children can hear me speak Gods power in our home and car. I literally pace the basement while praying out loud. 

I have included some verses that help me to remember the truths I am speaking about in this post. I don't know these things because I have some special relationship with God, I know them because they are truths for all of us detailed in The Bible. 

I hope you have a week filled with faith and crazy big prayers.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lizzy Lately | September 2017 | 11 Months

Lizzy Lioness, you rest until you are ready to roar. 

You are my little lady.

You crawl now.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position on furniture.

You can walk along furniture.

You love it when someone holds your hands to help you walk around. 

It seems you have learned so many new things in a short period of time.

You give the best hugs, I just hold on tight for minutes at a time.

You are my sweetie girl.

You make story time a little tricky as you don't always love sitting still.

You get so excited when dad gets home from work and you ask for him throughout the day.

You are pretty content playing by yourself for little periods of time.

You have good naps and sleep well at night.

You are easily distracted while nursing so we normally sit in your room during those times. I don't mind stepping away for a few minutes because I find this time special and relaxing for the both of us.

You try to eat rocks.

You find every crumb I missed on the floor.

Your my never ending adventure, a mystery I will never solve, but that excites me.

You lay awake quietly in your room in the morning and after your nap.

You are awesome. 


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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Behind The Scenes Sarnia Fashion Photo Shoot | Lace and Charm

Last week I chased the evening light in downtown Sarnia with an awesome crew. I had the pleasure of being the makeup artist for the fall Lace and Charm photo shoots with Proper Photography. The LC Dolls were beautiful and daring, climbing and posing to get the perfect shot. L&C co founder Christina is always a pleasure to work with, she is kind, encouraging and fun to be around. I loved watching Ryan from Proper Photography in action as he manoeuvred himself and lighting to capture the clothing and the models, in the perfect scene and light. I love to create and feel so blessed when I get to work with others who enjoy the process as well. I hope you enjoy the little video I put together of some behind the scenes action from our first shoot night as well as my photos below.

Thanks for hanging with me!

P.S. Learn more about working with me on my website. 



Thursday, 14 September 2017

Lake Life

Thank you mom and dad for giving our family a lake life. I appreciate our cozy cottage home on a street that leads to the beach. My childhood summers were sand and sunsets, a warm place to sit and dream and a place that calms my soul. Every time I dive into the water I feel refreshed! You didn't just give us the lake life, you have blessed us for generations to come. We have lake water in our veins, it's who we are, the lake is our life.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

OOTD Sept 9, 2017 | Weekend Style

I am going to start a new series on my blog of outfit posts. I have done this twice while pregnant because I put so much more thought into dressing my changing body. I have been refreshing and organizing my wardrobe lately and really having fun with my outfits so I will be sharing them from time to time.

Today I dressed for errands, work and an afternoon date with Tyler, of more errands! My goal was comfort and chic and nothing that would show makeup if I got a little dirty during work.

Jacket - Levi
A piece you will see me where over and over and over again. I bought this jacket at a vintage store in Toronto while shopping with my mom and it totally holds sentimental value to me.

Top - Lace & Charm
A t-shirt with a cute neckline detail, need I say more.

Motto Jeggings - Lace & Charm
Ty and Luke were both digging the motto style on these, can you say "motto momma"!

Shoes - Shoes @ 144 Front
I love these shoe booties, I consider this a three season shoe. I love the lift in the tiny heal but it's thick so it's comfortable too!

Bag & Shades - H&M
Big glasses to hide the bags after all nighters on mom duty and a big bag to hold everything from lipstick to diapers.

I first fell in love with reading fashion blogs. Below are two of the first blogs I followed regularly when I fell in love with the blog world 8 years ago, and I still love them today. Some people may advise you to focus your blog to a specific topic but I love that this is my space where I can creatively share what interests me. That changes from time to time and is influenced by my different phases of life. Thanks for reading and hanging out with me hear, I really love creating and am so grateful to have you be a part of this story. 


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Currently Singing | Joshua Micah - Who Says?

Do you ever wake up singing a song and it sticks in your head for a few days. Maybe it's just a catchy tune but I always think it's a message from God. A little note He tucked inside your mind, kinda like that little note your mom may have tucked inside your lunch box as a kid.

The last few days I have been singing the song linked below, the line that's been running through my mind is "who says you have to have it all figured out". Oh my goodness, I am always trying to figure things out and make plans so far in advance. Gods in control, His plan is the best and often it's different than what I had planned.

I'm currently rocking out to this song (dance party) throwing my hands up to God and enjoying all the gifts He has in store for me today.

Joshua Micah - Who Says?


Monday, 4 September 2017

Luke Is Three


You are a game changer.

A happiness bringer.

An intelligent mind.

A silly guy.

Your name means "light giving" and that is exactly what you do to our world. In three short years you have already spread so much light. Life with you is an exciting adventure.

Looking back at Lukey Luke!

Luke's Second Year

Luke's First Year (this one makes me cry)

Luke's Third Year video is currently in progress, watch for it soon.