Thursday, 7 September 2017

Currently Singing | Joshua Micah - Who Says?

Do you ever wake up singing a song and it sticks in your head for a few days. Maybe it's just a catchy tune but I always think it's a message from God. A little note He tucked inside your mind, kinda like that little note your mom may have tucked inside your lunch box as a kid.

The last few days I have been singing the song linked below, the line that's been running through my mind is "who says you have to have it all figured out". Oh my goodness, I am always trying to figure things out and make plans so far in advance. Gods in control, His plan is the best and often it's different than what I had planned.

I'm currently rocking out to this song (dance party) throwing my hands up to God and enjoying all the gifts He has in store for me today.

Joshua Micah - Who Says?


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