Monday, 30 June 2014

A Letter To Our Baby About Pethernation

Baby, you are already so loved by so many people.  We are so lucky to have an amazing family surrounding us as we prepare for your arrival.  You are going to have lots of people around you to play with you, teach you things and take care of you.  I specifically want to share some details with you about the Pether's.

The Pether's are a special breed of characters, we have even been told this by those who have married into our family, they call us Pethernation.  We take this name and use it with pride, knowing we are  part of a group of people that are unique and only being a part of our family, truly allows you to understand what we are all about.  Adding you to our family grows Pethernation even bigger and you can find comfort in the fact that these Pether's are not just family, they are also great friends.  I want to let you know some things about this side of our family that will help you get to know them better.

Great Grandpa is the head of the family, don't ever try to tell him he's wrong or put him in his place because he's bigger than you, which always makes him right.  He has a soft side and shows it once and awhile, but you have to keep your eyes open for it.  When we visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house, if you need anything, ask Grandma and remember she's the fun one.

We are a little tough on the outside but we all have our soft sides.  Your Grandma is the exception to this rule, she is a big softy.

Don't expect anyone to let you win at cards or any other games because you are young.  That's not how we roll and it wouldn't help you get better at those game anyways.

There are some family members that you will never get to meet, Grandma Glena and Uncle Terry.  They were special pieces of the family and we remember them in the everyday and at moments when we are all together.  They would have thought you were pretty great and they now watch over us all. 

Your Great Aunts and Uncles might be kinda old, but I know for a fact they were young and cool once.  Make sure you spend some time getting to know them.  Aunt Tanya even had purple hair at one point!

My cousins and my sisters are some of my best friends! They will love you like Aunts and Uncles and will always be there for you.  Kenneth is the biggest softy of this group, be prepared that he will try to protect you and keep you safe. 

We are an imperfect bunch but we love each other and always know how to make our own fun so I can promise you, you have some exciting times ahead as part of Pethernation.  Tell people you are part of this group with pride.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Maternity Fashion 25 to 30 Weeks

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and it feels good to say there are only 10 weeks left (hopefully).  Somehow this seems like a milestone, I am almost there.  I am feeling very blessed these days for how well my pregnancy has gone and how my belly/baby continues to grow.  While part of me does not love getting bigger, I know my baby is growing well and I am reminded often of its growing strength, as I feel its movements everyday.

While I am still enjoying getting dressed in the morning, I am beginning to gravitate towards more comfortable clothing options - thank goodness for leggings, dresses and cute flats!  My shoe of choice for casual dressing are my Toms, they are so comfy and go with so much.  When choosing a shoe with height, I have been going for wedges.

I am really enjoying sharing some of my favourite pregnancy looks but its not all glamorous.  When I am home for the day I really like to be comfy and often change into sweats, with limited items that fit, I have been steeling some of Tyler's clothes too.  These few outfits are some of my favourite from the last few weeks.  Thanks again for coming along on this journey with me. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lessons Learned From Our Niece

Last weekend Tyler and I took Marley to the beach for the day, I cherish the times we have with her, just the three of us.  As we get closer to the arrival of our own child, I have thought about how things will change in our relationship with Marley.  My hope is that we can always have special time with just her.

Marley will always have a special place in mine and Tyler's hearts and we are so grateful to be her Aunt and Uncle.  Marley has taught Tyler and I some great lessons, she allowed us to have a little taste of what it would be like to have a child (even though I am perfectly aware that it is not the same as having your own because you can't send them home at the end of the day).  She taught us about patience, that children are like sponges and we need to be more aware of ourselves around them and most of all, she is always reminding us to have fun and not take life too seriously.

Of all the lessons we have learned from our little niece, I think remembering to just have fun sometimes is the most valuable. I hope that we remember to always have fun with our own child.  That we are always willing to get buried in the sand, go for a bear hunt in the back field and just play pretend.

We of course have to also thank Marley's awesome mom and dad for trusting us to take Marley on adventures without them.  I can see how their ability to allow Marley to spend time with her family members without them being present, has helped her to become independent and comfortable in different situations.  I hope that I can apply this parenting skill with our child as well.

Being an Aunt is one of my life's greatest experiences so far and I am excited to continue to grow my relationship with Marley and any other nieces and nephews that may come along.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Last weekend we celebrated the marriage of our friends, it was the first wedding we have been to this year and it was beautiful!  The couple looked so happy, their family and friends were gushing with joy for them and everyone had a great time.

After marrying Tyler, I have a new appreciation for weddings and how special they are to the couple because I have experienced my own.  I love attending weddings with Tyler even more now that we are married, they remind me of our own wedding day and the excitement we felt when we said our vows.

Fast forward two and a half years and we are a married couple with a baby on the way.  Since our wedding, I would say expecting a child is the largest milestone we have experienced as a couple.  We have grown our friendship and made some great memories in those first years of our marriage and I would say we have been blessed to not face any really challenging or tuff situations.

As we prepare for the arrival of our first child, the communication skills within our marriage have been tested more than ever.  We are working through varying opinions about parenting tactics and trying to work as a team on tasks that need to be completed, before the baby arrives.

If I am completely honest, sometimes I wish I could be the boss of our household, unfortunately marriage does not work like that.  Marriage is a partnership with compromise, patience and time spent working through problems.  I am learning that what is urgent to me is not always as urgent to Tyler and that we both have different needs.

While being pregnant has put Tyler and I into an entirely new phase of life and it has its ups and downs, I am grateful for all of the experiences we share, the lessons we learn and the way our marriage grows as we work through things together.  I have no doubt that parenthood will be a whole new ball game for us as a couple and individuals but I know that if we can be patient with each other, than all of these new life experiences will simply bring us closer.

We are no experts on marriage so I would love to hear from you.  What are some lessons about marriage or rules you have for making yours work?

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Journey From Lent

During lent, I worked towards spending more time studying the Bible, in prayer and listing for God's guidance.  While I am still working towards spending time with God everyday, during Lent I realized that studying the Bible and working on my prayers really allows me to have a deeper relationship with God and a better understanding of how to live my life well.  I have developed a few habits and discovered some tools that make this journey more valuable and efficient.

First, I found that the mornings were the best part of the day for me to spend time with God.  I feel like when I start my day with Bible study and prayer, I am energized and armed with the tools I need to face any situation that particular day may throw my way.

Secondly, I have started to write out my prayers which gives them more focus.  Sometimes when I pray I feel a little all over the place but writing them out first and then repeating them, gives them more meaning.

While I know God does not require my prayers to be perfect, I do want to make sure that I am getting the most of my time with Him and that I am prepared for any lessons He may offer me that day.

Thirdly, I have some excellent easy to use tools that make it simple for me to integrate my learning into my everyday life.  I have a few apps on my iPhone and iPad that I really enjoy.  My bible app is by YouVersion and offers reading plans that provide me with push notifications as well as a daily Bible verse.  This app has also recently made upgrades to provide the option of interacting with other users but I have not explored that yet.

I also love the teachings of Joyce Meyer.  Her app provides me with an option to read a daily devotional or watch a 1/2 hour episode of her teaching.  Her devotionals are simple to read, understand and apply to my life.  Her video lessons are charismatic, also easy to understand and she is always right to the point.

The Bible can sometimes be a daunting thing for me to contemplate reading, where do I start?  Having these resources that guide me through the Bible, really make my study more enjoyable and effective.

Lastly, writing out my thoughts on a Bible verse I have read, provides me with an opportunity to sort out my thoughts and really consider how it apply's to everyday life.  I think this process is better preparing me for being able to speak about God and His word, if the opportunity arises.  Sometimes I think I understand the lessons I have received but when I need to share them with someone else, I do not speak as eloquently as I had hoped and wonder if the message I am trying to pass along has been lost.

Next on my list of to do's, is to find a Bible study group.  I know our walk in faith is one that is unique and individual but God does not intend for us to go it alone.  We need people around us who can offer community and a place where we can converse about what we have learned and questions we have.

To wrap up my ramble, I have enjoyed my journey from Lent, learning more about God and His will for my life.  If you seek God he will always reveal himself to you, if you make time for him he will listen and if you work on living your life as he would have you, you will experience greater joy, peace and understanding.  Enjoy the journey and everything it has to offer.