Tuesday, 17 October 2017

6 Years Of Marriage | Keeping It Real

I don't write about my marriage often because I feel it is unfair as I am only one half but I had Tyler read this before I shared it to make sure he was ok with everything I wrote.

We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend! We made dinner at home alone (the kids were with grandparents) and it was so nice. Each year on our anniversary we read the messages our wedding guests wrote to us, the day we got married. In place of table numbers, we placed note pads with numbers and asked our guests to write us a note for that anniversary, then on that year we read the notes from the specific table number. It’s really fun and hilarious to read the notes, it takes us right back to our wedding day. 

Our wedding day was an awesome fun party with all the people we love, I remember the high of the day that left me floating for awhile. 

I love being married to Tyler and I love our life. 

Married life is hard, raising humans with your partner is challenging and staying connected with Tyler during a season where we hit the pillow some nights without even talking, is in my opinion, more challenging than raising children. 

I have no doubt the work is well worth the effort as I have many examples of awesome long and beautiful marriages around me. But, in the middle of long days, sometimes little romance and intimacy it can feel scary and I have wondered will we ever get back to where we were? It’s only been six years and we have many more lessons to learn but one thing I have learned is there are ebbs and flows to our marriage and we can’t get stuck in the little ruts, they won’t last and when we do push through them, we come out on the other side so much better for it. So no, we won’t get back to where we were because we were different people and our circumstances were different but we will get to a new better spot if we keep working at moving forward together. 

We need help sometimes too, we can’t make it work alone. We need grandparents to watch the kids and advice from our parents, grandparents and counsellors. We need our friends as sounding boards for honest conversations and I need the guidance of God to be the best wife I can be. 

Marriage is awesome and challenging! I am grateful to be doing this life with Tyler, he is a perfect match for me in this imperfect life. 


Friday, 13 October 2017

Fall Plum Makeup | Makeup By HAL | Urban Decay Heat Palette

I am getting ready for the day in this video so there is some chit chat with my husband and the kids in the background. I kind of love catching these moments on camera and watching them back, they are the moments you don't think much about but what actually make up the special feeling of this season of my life. I am using all of my current favourite products in this video and I cant wait to create more fall/winter looks for you soon. I have started to plan my CHRISTMAS looks (and other awesome Christmas content!), I am hoping to have a ton of holiday looks for you this year. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and glitter and am just feeling so creative these days, so stay tuned.

Hang out with me and get the look and please comment with some of your favourite fall beauty products.

Shop the products I used in this video from the links below. Some links are affiliate links but this video was not sponsored.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

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Caryl Baker Visage Stone Shadow

Caryl Baker Visage Felt Tip Liner

Caryl Baker Visage Harmony Blush 

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara 

Urban Decay Heat Palette

 Mac Gingerly Blush

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 | Brigden Fair | HWY 21 Drive

Thanksgiving; gratitude, food and family. The awesomeness of Christmas without the pressure of gifts. This weekend we did all the things we normally do on Thanksgiving weekend, traditions like a trip to the Brigden Fair and a HWY 21 drive north to Port Elgin. I love it all, every bit of it. The craziness of getting our family out the door on a schedule, keeping kids happy on long car rides, a few disagreements with the husband because we have spent the last 24 hours very closely together, the hugs and kisses, the falling into bed with the best kind of tired, its all a blessing. Its life, its a good life, its a full life and God has blessed me with it all. I am grateful to God for what I have.

Holidays also make me feel nostalgic. As I introduce my children to the experiences that make up my memories and essentially shaped who I am, I experience a feeling, do you know the one? The one you get when travelling to Grandma & Grandpas house while looking out the window as you reminisce on the holidays gone by. You want to share your thoughts and emotions but its hard to put them into to words so you just keep staring out the window, soaking in that feeling and taking in the familiar scenery that somehow becomes more valuable the older you get. That one, that feeling. I am grateful for that too.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Jesus Coffee Makeup | OOTD | Canadian Lifestyle Brand

I am really excited to share HAL GEAR with you! HAL GEAR basically takes the things I share on social, which are part of who I am, and turns them into wearable and usable products. I have learned from sharing honestly, that when you freely and humbly put yourself into the world, you will easily relate to others. I am not the only one who experiences what I experience or thinks what I think, and thats why I love to share. Through sharing, honest vulnerable conversations are had and then super cool relationships are formed.

It may seem simple to wear a t-shirt the states some of your favourite things but who knows, I may attract my next new best friend by putting myself out there in a cool, fashionable and honest way. 

So with that, I have launched HAL GEAR with two initial t-shirt designs. There is so much more fun stuff to come but I need to learn to pace myself so for now you can order the first two designs on my website. 

The t-shirt featured in this "outfit of the day" post is my motto (I try but sometimes fail) for starting my day. When I start with Bible study and prayer it sets a more joyful tone for my whole day, then of course coffee to get me powered up and makeup to make me feel polished. 

If this design speaks to you, you can shop it from my website. You can also shop the pants in this look from the Shop section on my website where I feature lots of my current favourite things.

Thank you for sharing in the conversation with me here, I truly appreciate it.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

A response to my mommy friends- in the phase they're in.

This post was written by one my very best friends Shar in response to my last post. I am so grateful for our beautiful friendship and thank you for this letter! See the previous post here if you missed it. 

A response to my mommy friends- in the phase they're in. 

Don't be sorry. 

Don't you ever apologize for prioritizing your family and spending time being the best mommy you can be. 

When you cancel plans, I know it's not because our friendship means less to you now than it did before. 

I understand that days are long and difficult and happy and frustrating and that you can't always do it all. 

You are important. 
Raising children who can help to make this world a better place is important.
I see you. And I value the work that you're doing. 

I don't mind having conversations with you while your toddler tugs at your sleeve, asking for attention. I can't think of anything more precious than seeing you become a mother. 

It brings me happiness to see you blossoming into motherhood and contributing to the world on a level I am not yet familiar with. 

When you prioritize a girls night over a night with your children or partner, I understand the sacrifice you are making. 

I also understand that adult time is important for you. To remind you who you are and keep your sanity. Even if rarely, I relish in being a part of this reminder of your past-self, but I never expect to be your number one. 

I will never forget you- or the memories we have. I will always have a seat open for you at the table- when you have time to re-engage. 

Thank you for setting an example for me. For showing me that motherhood is a daily struggle, one of the hardest jobs in the world - but one of the most beautiful things a woman can do. 

Whether I decide to have children or not- we will always find a way to connect. 

I love you, I know you're trying your best to find balance and that your love is simply being divided in more pieces now. 

Thank you for not feeling guilty about prioritizing those precious humans and for letting me be a part of your journey. 

Your childless friend.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A letter to my friends from the phase I am in.

I am sorry. 

I am not with you in person as much as we both would like but you are in my thoughts daily. 

I currently use babysitters for work and date nights with my husband and it doesn't seem like there is much time left for anything else. 

I make plans but then sometimes need to cancel because someone gets sick. 

You are important. 

So so important. 

I know the conversations I have with you can only be had with you. I don't take that for granted, just please save a seat for me at the table, I will be there when I can. 

Please give me some grace. 

I will make it back to the table, to the conversation. 

You are important. 

I am truly doing what I can. 

You don't have to wait for me but just don't forget about me because I haven't forgotten about you. 

To my girlfriends, I love you. 


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation vs Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

I have been using both the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation and the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation for the last few months now, here are my thoughts. Please comment with your favourite full coverage foundations. I am always down for trying a new foundation, face products are my favourite!

Shop Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Monday, 25 September 2017

My Prayers Are Not Big Enough

I was praying the other day about a situation in my life that needs healing and repair and God stopped me and said to my heart "your not praying big enough prayers, I am a God that resurrects and dives into the deepest, darkest pits to help my children." 

I realized in that moment that my prayers were being prayed with only my thought capacity for healing, God can do what I can't even imagine. I need to pray bigger prayers and make more room for God to do His amazing work, the work only He can orchestrate, and work He can do through not just me but everyone. Oh my goodness, God is so awesome. 

Praying really big prayers also strengthens my faith. Faith that God can do the impossible. Faith that God can accomplish what does not seem rational in my human mind. Because I live in the world and am influenced by the world, my faith can become shaken but prayer strengthens me for a new day. When I really need to strengthen my faith and desire God to set fire to a situation, I pray out loud. I have just started doing this in the last few months but I love it because it helps me to feel closer to Gods power. I also like that my children can hear me speak Gods power in our home and car. I literally pace the basement while praying out loud. 

I have included some verses that help me to remember the truths I am speaking about in this post. I don't know these things because I have some special relationship with God, I know them because they are truths for all of us detailed in The Bible. 

I hope you have a week filled with faith and crazy big prayers.


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lizzy Lately | September 2017 | 11 Months

Lizzy Lioness, you rest until you are ready to roar. 

You are my little lady.

You crawl now.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position on furniture.

You can walk along furniture.

You love it when someone holds your hands to help you walk around. 

It seems you have learned so many new things in a short period of time.

You give the best hugs, I just hold on tight for minutes at a time.

You are my sweetie girl.

You make story time a little tricky as you don't always love sitting still.

You get so excited when dad gets home from work and you ask for him throughout the day.

You are pretty content playing by yourself for little periods of time.

You have good naps and sleep well at night.

You are easily distracted while nursing so we normally sit in your room during those times. I don't mind stepping away for a few minutes because I find this time special and relaxing for the both of us.

You try to eat rocks.

You find every crumb I missed on the floor.

Your my never ending adventure, a mystery I will never solve, but that excites me.

You lay awake quietly in your room in the morning and after your nap.

You are awesome. 


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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Behind The Scenes Sarnia Fashion Photo Shoot | Lace and Charm

Last week I chased the evening light in downtown Sarnia with an awesome crew. I had the pleasure of being the makeup artist for the fall Lace and Charm photo shoots with Proper Photography. The LC Dolls were beautiful and daring, climbing and posing to get the perfect shot. L&C co founder Christina is always a pleasure to work with, she is kind, encouraging and fun to be around. I loved watching Ryan from Proper Photography in action as he manoeuvred himself and lighting to capture the clothing and the models, in the perfect scene and light. I love to create and feel so blessed when I get to work with others who enjoy the process as well. I hope you enjoy the little video I put together of some behind the scenes action from our first shoot night as well as my photos below.

Thanks for hanging with me!

P.S. Learn more about working with me on my website.