Tuesday, 12 December 2017

These Days | December 2017

We run around fast to the song "Run Run Rudolph" 

We sing all the Christmas carols

We talk about Jesus 

We run the mall and do small amounts of Christmas shopping 

We eat more treats than usual

We build a lot of forts 

We read Christmas books 

I get to experience Christmas from a child’s perspective 

Hope is stronger in my life than it has ever been before

I am very aware of my blessings 

I try to balance my passion for motherhood, wife life and excitement for my business because too much of everything is not good for me

I am learning self control is a large component to success in all areas of life 

I am not good with self control  but I am getting better 

We get to spend so much time with family

The home renovations continue 

I feel God’s direction in all areas of my life stronger than ever before, it’s not always comfortable 

I am sinking into the slowness of winter 

We snuggle on the couch 

We pile marshmallows on our hot chocolate 

I have yet to write and send my Christmas cards, (it may not happen again this year)

These days are a blessing, all of these days, thank you Lord for these days.

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