Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Hope and Faith

Maybe you don't believe in Santa Claus and maybe you do, I fall into the later group.

This year my faith and hope has been tested and just like in anything we are tested in, if we have not practiced our skill than we will fail. I wouldn't say my faith tests were passed with flying colours but I would say I did pretty good and they helped me improve. Faith and hope is something I choose to work on living out in my daily life. I need reminders as to where my faith comes from and what I can be hopeful in but every time I get a good message about faith and hope I always realize I need to work on having more of it.

I have heard kids ask the questions about Santa, they want facts and while I know we are all wired different and some need more details than others, I cant help but wonder when we lose our childlike ability to just believe. To joyfully believe in something good.

My children have helped me reconnect with hope and faith, they just trust in the good. Working on seeing all the good, believing in goodness, having hope that tomorrow will be better and enough faith to walk that out makes my days brighter. So I choose to believe because I think it is a choice, an action something that requires effort but is worthwhile. So far, no amount of hope and faith has ever caused me harm, it only proves to lift my spirits and encourages me to move through our sometimes dark world, with more light in my life.

Merry Christmas

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