Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Never Ending Tape In My Head

A few weeks ago I was listing to a female CEO being interviewed about her career as she offered advice to women looking to achieve similar success in their career's.  Near the end of the interview the woman was asked, "What do you think the main difference between female and male professionals in positions similar to yours is?".  

She responded by stating that most women have a constant tape running in their heads questioning every move they make which sometimes causes lack of confidence.  This response resonated with me, I am one of those woman.  If I spend a long day at work I feel satisfied that I have accomplished a lot in my work day but harbour some guilt for not spending enough time in that day with my husband.  When I have a weekend where I decide to turn off the email and devote all my attention to my family and friends, my mind tells me that I should have spent some time working.  If I stand up for something I believe in and speak my mind knowing that not everyone will like what I have to say, I wonder if it was worth ruffling feathers.

The woman continued by stating that men just do not question themselves in this manner.  Now, I can not read minds so if there are any men out there reading this post, please feel free to chime in with some insight.  I can confirm that my own head does work as the woman being interviewed explained. 

I am very aware of the way my brain second guesses my daily decisions so I try to overcome these negative thoughts and feel good about the choices I make but everyone once in a while, they do creep in.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to get some of those thoughts out of my head allowing myself to sort through things a little better.  So far writing things down has worked wonders for me. 

I also follow quite a few blogs, most of them are written by woman and I think reading about the celebrations and struggles that other women face makes me feel connected and normal. 

To those of you who let your internal voice take over, lets work hard to be satisfied with what we accomplish at the end of the day, not be afraid of standing up for what we believe in and  simply be a little easier on ourselves.

Time to press stop on that never ending tape.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

It was one year ago today that Tyler and I officially started our walk through life together.  This first year has been nothing short of a dream come true.  Our life together is not perfect but I love every single part of it.  I do my best to cherish all our moments together, big and small and I look forward to the the journey that lies ahead.  

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I Am Thankful For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday for many reasons.  I love the Fall weather and colours it brings, I love the food, I love the Brigden Fair but most of all I love to spend time with my favourite people.  A lot of holidays are centred around spending time with friends and family but for me Thanksgiving seems to focus on it a little closer.  Its simply food and time around the table chatting, eating, drinking and laughing.  An extra day off during the work week never hurts in lending some extra time to catch up with people you don't regularly have an opportunity to get together with.  

This Thanksgiving was a great one and a little less hectic than last year as I was preparing for my wedding which was a week away.  It was perfect and I checked off most of the things I wanted to do during the weekend.

Some seriously needed couch time with my BFF Meg.

Ma Ash showing Marley what the Bridgen Fair is all about and uncle Ty and Marley sharing a pogo.

Grabbing some grub at the fair, this is the real reason I go.

Checking out all the animals and just enjoying time with our family. 

A Visit With The Browns

We spent the fist part of Thanksgiving weekend in Peterborough with our Brown family.  We started our day at the Farmers market, which I was very impressed by.  There was a huge selection of fresh food, my highlight was grabbing a head of purple cauliflower.  There was entertainment and like any good farmers market delicious food to enjoy while you shop.  We grabbed some perogies which were the best I have ever tasted.

After the market we all went for lunch.  Just sitting chatting with our Brown family made me wish we lived closer and this date was one we could do every Saturday.  From the local pub we went to visit grandma.  My grandmother has Alzheimer's and she no longer remembers who we are.  One thing she does remember are her church hymns, so we sign.

My aunt Mary, aunt Ruth, uncle Roy & uncle Ian live in Peterborough and worked very hard to take care of my grandmother at home as long as they could before they required additional assistance that could only be provided by a nursing home.  I watched them with my grandma while we were visiting and they were so wonderful with her.  They new what she needed and how to best communicate with her.  They new the other residents on her floor and were kind and friendly to them.  It is sad to see my grandma different than she use to be but I find comfort in knowing that she is being given so much love and care each day.

I wish I lived closer so I could spend time with all the Browns more often.  They are loving people, with strong hearts and I am proud to call them family.

Check out some pictures from our visit.

Monday, 8 October 2012

I Love "Its Ok"

Life around the Lapier residence has been a little crazy lately and something tells me its not slowing down anytime soon.  Tyler and I are ok with that for the most part but when the days sometimes get long, things fall through the cracks - like going to the gym on a regular schedule, dusting and so on.  This makes me feel a little out of wack.

Then I came across A Fancy Day and found Courtney's "Its Ok" posts.  I have found great comfort in these fun little posts because they made me realize that I am not the only one who's life is a little crazy and imperfect from time to time.

I encourage you to check it out and take part by commenting your "Its Ok" moments.