Sunday, 19 May 2013

Capturing Memories

Near our 1st wedding anniversary we had a photo session with Shannon Turner Photography to create some memories of our first year of marriage.  The third picture from the top shows Tyler and I reading a small book.  These books were the numbers on each of our guest tables at our wedding and we asked the people sitting at each table to write us a message in their book.  On each wedding anniversary we will open the matching table number book and read the messages our friends and family left for us on our wedding day.  The hope is, these messages will remind us of the love and support we felt the day of our wedding and to keep that with us through all the years of our marriage.

Shannon did an amazing job of making us feel comfortable and natural as she took our photos.  She is energetic and her passion for what she does is obvious.  Thank you, Shannon for providing us with some beautiful keepsakes to commemorate our first year of marriage.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Learning Patience And Trust

My relationship with God has been ever growing, evolving and changing since I was a child.  When I look back on life thus far I know that God has always been present despite the times when I chose not to pay attention to Him.  Those times in my life were not times I am proud of.  Over the last five years, more than ever before, I have started to seek God.  More than ever before, I have really trusted Him enough to put things in His hands, and heres the toughest part, be patient and let Him respond.  This way of living is changing my heart.  The Lord answers prayers, it may not be as you would have pictured or when you had hoped but they do get answered.  My life is transforming for the better as I learn to trust and be patient and continue to seek His will in my life's path, and it is pretty awesome!