Friday, 1 December 2017

My Favourite YouTube Channels 2017

When I tell my friends how much I love watching YouTube they always ask what my favourite channels are and then ask how I find them. Most of my favourite channels have been discovered through blogs and random searching on the topics I love. Here are my current favourite YouTube channels. YouTube is the new reality TV you guys! I would love to know what your favourite YouTube channels are, please comment below.

Alex and Michael

I fell in love with this couple last Christmas during VLOGMAS. If your new to YouTube lingo, VLOGMAS takes place in December and vloggers post daily. This couple lives in Michigan and film their everydaylife. They are an endearing couple with awesome style and enjoy some pretty cool vacations with their friends Mallory and Kyle. This is a super fun time of year to become a part of their YouTube community and get to know them.

Mallory Ervin 

I found Mallory's channel through Alex and Michael because they all show up in each others videos. This southern girl gets so pumped about everything in life and her over the top personality is so wonderful to watch. Her content includes, fashion beauty and lifestyle. She is a former pageant princess and Amazing Race contestant and always has lots of great stories to tell about her big family.

Allyson Rowe

Allyson's videos are short, to the point and inspirational. She is a woman of great faith and shares biblical truths on modern day topics that matter to me. I love that I can always get a quick message from her videos that fire me up for the day.

Desi Perkins
The Perkins

Desi has a beauty channel and a vlog channel with her husband. I first fell in love with her beauty tutorials over three years ago and now love following the trips she takes with her husband and friends. This LA girl has mad style, her videos always have the best music and she makes me laugh!

I cant wait to discover new YouTube channels with you, share yours in the comments.

Happy Weekend, Happy Chilling!

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