Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Lizzy Lately | September 2017 | 11 Months

Lizzy Lioness, you rest until you are ready to roar. 

You are my little lady.

You crawl now.

You can pull yourself up to a standing position on furniture.

You can walk along furniture.

You love it when someone holds your hands to help you walk around. 

It seems you have learned so many new things in a short period of time.

You give the best hugs, I just hold on tight for minutes at a time.

You are my sweetie girl.

You make story time a little tricky as you don't always love sitting still.

You get so excited when dad gets home from work and you ask for him throughout the day.

You are pretty content playing by yourself for little periods of time.

You have good naps and sleep well at night.

You are easily distracted while nursing so we normally sit in your room during those times. I don't mind stepping away for a few minutes because I find this time special and relaxing for the both of us.

You try to eat rocks.

You find every crumb I missed on the floor.

Your my never ending adventure, a mystery I will never solve, but that excites me.

You lay awake quietly in your room in the morning and after your nap.

You are awesome. 


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