Monday, 25 September 2017

My Prayers Are Not Big Enough

I was praying the other day about a situation in my life that needs healing and repair and God stopped me and said to my heart "your not praying big enough prayers, I am a God that resurrects and dives into the deepest, darkest pits to help my children." 

I realized in that moment that my prayers were being prayed with only my thought capacity for healing, God can do what I can't even imagine. I need to pray bigger prayers and make more room for God to do His amazing work, the work only He can orchestrate, and work He can do through not just me but everyone. Oh my goodness, God is so awesome. 

Praying really big prayers also strengthens my faith. Faith that God can do the impossible. Faith that God can accomplish what does not seem rational in my human mind. Because I live in the world and am influenced by the world, my faith can become shaken but prayer strengthens me for a new day. When I really need to strengthen my faith and desire God to set fire to a situation, I pray out loud. I have just started doing this in the last few months but I love it because it helps me to feel closer to Gods power. I also like that my children can hear me speak Gods power in our home and car. I literally pace the basement while praying out loud. 

I have included some verses that help me to remember the truths I am speaking about in this post. I don't know these things because I have some special relationship with God, I know them because they are truths for all of us detailed in The Bible. 

I hope you have a week filled with faith and crazy big prayers.


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