Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A Letter To My Lizzy

Dear Elizabeth

You are a girl, wonderfully and purposefully made! Designed by your Heavenly Father that imagined each one of your details and characteristics and how they would propel you into the work He created you to do, work only you can do. Your uniqueness is your strength, it is a challenging strength to embrace but the most powerful. 

Our Heavenly Father made me the same way but with my own strengths! 

Isn’t that amazing! 

I think it’s amazing!

He made all women that way, surround yourself with woman and men who are amazing in the areas you are a little more weak.

Learn from others.

Do not be intimated by someone else's strengths, be amazed at the wonderful and different things God has done in the lives of those around you.

God is doing amazing work in you, sometimes its just a little trickier to see that in ourselves but it is happening.

Eat and love your body. Food is nourishment, to be respected and enjoyed.

Modesty is beautiful.

Think humbly and positively about yourself and only speak words about yourself that you would speak of others, we are all precious.

Try your best not to waste time and energy worrying. When you feel the worry begin, call on God, stop and pray and ask for guidance.

Work on being flexible. Hold firm to your standards but be willing to hear others out.

Love, you can never love enough.

Love can be a scary thing but it is always worth the risk.

Your brother is your best friend.

Serve others and do it to the best of your ability. 

I think you are amazing but at the end of the day I want you to always know God thinks you are amazing too. You are not amazing based on your grades, your appearance or who your friends are, you are amazing because you are Gods, a daughter of The King and that is something you should be proud of. It’s also a responsibility to be a daughter of The King. We need to live different, we live in the world but we are of heaven and there will be many times that what we believe conflicts with our surroundings, that is ok.

Be joyful, just like you are now. Overly and easily excited, its fun to get excited, it feels good. The world needs more joy and excitement.

I love you no matter what.

God loves you no matter what.

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