Thursday, 29 June 2017

2017 Bronzer Guide

I wear bronzer almost everyday but depending on the time of year and the look I am trying to achieve, the product I use and application vary. I hope this bronzer guide will help you to navigate your next bronzer purchase or help you to break down the variety of bronzing products out there and the different ways they can be used.

Bronzer can be used to warm the face and create a sun kissed look or to sculpt the face. Some makeup artists say that a warm toned bronzer can not be used to contour and I always say, "with makeup there are no rules, just techniques". You do what works for you. Here are some of my thoughts on some bronzers I have been using lately.

Disclaimer: this guide is based on my personal use and skin tone, none of these shades/products would work well on very deep skin tones.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
This formula comes in a variety of shades but the colour Chocolate Soliel is specifically beautiful for fair skin. I wear this bronzer often in the winter and only use it to contour my face. This line of bronzers are matte and smell like chocolate. This is a product that has been raved about on YouTube which was why I originally purchased it and I think it is worth the hype. It has no orange undertones and blends beautifully into the skin.

Arbonne Bronze
I have used this bronzer on myself and clients for two years now and am amazed at how well it works on a variety of skin tones. This bronzer has a cool undertone and is shimmery. I use this to contour and create a sun kissed look and wear it all year round. This is an excellent basic bronzer for anyone looking for bronzer they can wear many ways.

Maybelline Master Bronze Palette 
I am loving the Maybelline Master palettes! On days when I need to get ready very quickly these palettes serve as my full colour products for my face. I love the variety of bronzers in this palette as it allows me to contour and create a gradient bronze look topped with a highlight. The shades also range from matte, to sparkle, to shimmer. I have used this highlighter on my shoulders and d├ęcolletage and this might be one of the best highlighters I have ever used. The downside is that I would say this palette is best suited for fair skin and as my skin starts to get a little darker in the summer months, the darker shades are not showing up as much. I will still wear the highlighter through the summer but will have to choose deeper bronzers.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer
This is a matte medium bronzer with excellent pigment. I really like this bronzer for contouring and will be using this through the summer now that my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil is too light for me. This product is long lasting when applied over foundation and I really love the package because the mirror is huge for the bronzer size. I often use this mirror when applying my eyeshadow.

Check out how I have been using the Maybelline Master Bronze Palette in this quick makeup tutorial over on my Facebook page. How To Bronze Your Face Using One Palette

I would love to know what your favourite bronzers are and why, please share in the comments.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Sarnia Fashion Week

On the weekend Tyler and I attended the 3rd annual Sarnia Fashion Week held on Lochiel st in downtown Sarnia. The event is a concert and fashion show, with a mix of dance performance entertainment between fashion sets. The event is in support of Do It For Sarnia, a local charity working to raise awareness and funds for mental health.

As we walked down Christina street toward the event, Eric Ethridge already had the party started and we could feel the positive energy. Walking into the event, we ran into lots of friends who were all looking fabulous, everyone was dressed to impress, proving Sarnia's fashion scene is on the rise.

Some fashion trends that I noticed were lace, bell sleeves and sheer pants with shorts underneath. It was so fun to check out everyones outfits and snap pictures together. As I chatted with friends throughout the night, it was unanimous, we are proud to be a part of the Sarnia community and its growing fashion, event and tourism culture.

I walked away from the event feeling proud to be a Lambton County resident and look forward to next years Sarnia Fashion week.

I live, work and play in #slont!

Check out my vlog from the evening and pictures below and please share your favourite part of the evening if you were in attendance.

press play!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Foundation Review | Maybelline Dream Cushion | Arbonne Perfecting Liquid | Urban Decay All Nighter

I would have to say complexion products are my favourite, there are so many ways I can wear my face. You can really mix foundation formulas and add oils to create a custom look and feel depending on the look you want to achieve. Working with so many different skin types in my makeup artistry, I like to understand how different formulas react to different skin types and then experiment with the ways I can manipulate products to achieve a desired look. I am excited to share some thoughts with you on a few foundations I have been using recently. I have offered a brief description for each one below and which skin type I think would be best suited for each product. This is based on my personal experience with the products, if you have any questions, please comment below. I have also talked through the products in more detail in the video below. Thanks for hanging out with me here, I am glad I am not the only one who loves makeup so much.

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation
Recommended for normal to dry skin
A dewy finish foundation that builds beautifully allowing you to change your amount of coverage from day to day.

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation
Recommended for all skin types
A satin finish foundation that offers medium coverage leaving your skin looking natural, even and fresh.

Urban Decay All Nighter
Recommended normal to oily skin
This product provides amazing all day coverage giving you a doll like complexion. If your skin is not properly prepped or is dry, it will make fine lines and large pores more visible.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tough Dirt

I planted some lettuce and herbs in our backyard garden a few weeks ago with the kids. Tyler normally borrows a rototiller, adds more dirt to the garden and gets it ready for me to add plants. His spare time is limited right now because of the bathroom renovation and I just wanted to do it by myself. So I went old school and chopped the dirt with a hoe.

I was very confident going into mixing the dirt but after about five chops I realized why Tyler doubted my ability to do the manual labour, it was really hard earth. I persisted, the garden was completed and Luke and I had the best time working on it (keep your fingers crossed for us that our plants actually grow). 

As I chopped at the dirt though, I thought (I know why people like gardening, it's so good for your soul and mind). I always feel very connected to God when I am in nature and my time in the garden was some good chat time with God.

I could not believe how hard the dirt got over the winter and how when worked it still produces fruits and vegetables. It made me think of how God works on my hard parts, the parts I don't want to let loose but he keeps working on them and adding to them through His word and eventually I loosen and let Him into that area of my life. When I give those hard parts over to God, He does beautiful things with them.

I am grateful that God always tends to me even after I have hardened areas of my life, He continues to care for me and use all of me for His goodness.


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Happy Fathers Day 2017

A few weeks ago I was out on a full day of work and while Tyler was home with the kids, he captured this awesome moment of himself in all his dad glory. I am so blessed to have Tyler as a partner in life and our children are blessed to have him as a dad. He does things way different than I would do them but our children are better for it.

Check out the video here and happy Father's Day to all the dads.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Beach Nights

The last two Sundays we headed to Canatara beach for a late day splash and we have been loving ending our weekends like this. I have always loved living near the beach but I don't think I fully appreciated our easy access to the water until the last few years. 

I just want to soak up all the summer sweetness that I can. If we don't get organized until 4pm, who cares, throw the kids, towels and chips in the car and lets get to the shore.

Who else is so excited that summer is here and ready to soak up the sun?

Happy summer friends.

Check out some past summer adventures here Sarnia In June, and Sombra Ferry Ride

Monday, 5 June 2017

Shop With Me At Lace and Charm

Last weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying a private shopping experience at Lace and Charm in Sarnia with one of the co-owners Christina. I was looking to update my spring, summer wardrobe and find something to wear to Sarnia Fashion Week. Not only did I find a dress I love for my special event, I fell in love with the whole line. I felt like I was playing dress up as I tried on piece after piece that made me feel awesome. You guys know I always say "look good, feel good", this collection definitely did that for me. Every item of this new fashion brand has details that make it special and most pieces are very wearable, something that is important to me as a mom of two little ones.

I am so excited to share my shopping experience with you in the video and images below, I hope you will check them all out. From now until June 30th, you can shop Lace and Charm for 20% off with the promo code HAL20. You can shop Lace and Charm from their website or get in touch with them directly through their socials (linked below) to schedule your shopping appointment, either on your own or with a few friends. Their summer collection will be launching soon so be sure to follow them on their socials so you don't miss a thing.

Please comment below and let me know which Lace and Charm pieces you love most!

Promo Code HAL20
Sale Valid Until June 30, 2017

Lace and Charm website

Check out the full shopping video here.