Thursday, 15 September 2011

Holding It In

Just like most of the human race over the age of 12 I have a busy schedule and I have stress in my life.  In the past I have failed to handle my stress the way I would like to, with class and grace.  I know that I have a tendency to fall into unhealthy habits and vices when I face stress because I am not so great at recognizing it but I am great at shoving it.

Recently I have been feeling quite stressed.  Work is increasingly busy (which is exciting) and a looming wedding day (also exciting) is causing me to feel slightly overwhelmed.  I enjoy the business of my life but sometime its a little much.  

Its a little scary that I feel this way now as I know many women who do everything I do but also have children and many other responsibilities.

Most days I do a pretty good job of keeping my shit together and defusing my stress with a workout, run or a chit chat with my honey or a friend.  Once in a while though I loose the battle with myself and try to escape.  

This is not something I am proud of at all.  So why is it that I can keep it together for months at a time and then one night, I loose my mind? 

Maybe I need to freak out on a regular basis and not worry so much about "keeping it together".  I need to find a balance, which is something I struggle with each day with many areas of my life.  

To finding balance and feeling better tomorrow because I am pretty sure that life is not slowing down anytime soon.

Weekend Review September 9th - 11th

Stressed at work

De stress with lunch by the water

Enjoy being quiet 

Friday was such a long day at work - so excited for my first bridal shower

Leave work early to get dolled up Sex and The City style

Spend a little quality time with two wonderful women

Give a gift

Sip a strong drink

Greetings and hugs 

Chit chat 


Try to take it all in and make a moment 

Sip my second drink, it doesn't taste as strong as the first

Open gifts 

Feel blessed 

Make a moment 

Feel special 

Appreciate my aunt 

Chit chat, more drinks, late night rescue from my prince in the big red truck

Fuzzy Saturday morning 

Get geared up for shower #2

Tea Party


Sandwiches without crust

Chit chat with ladies

Judge a paper towel dress contest

Indulge in too many desserts

Kisses, hugs and gifts 

Memories made in the blink of an eye

Indulge in blue shoes (I could be Elvis's wife)

Beach it with the girls

Get silly 

Movie night on the couch

Lazy Sunday morning


Relax and regroup for a new week

Feel happy for the week I had but sad that it is over

Amazing memories made

Thursday, 8 September 2011

What if God was one of us?

There is this man that walks from Corunna to Sarnia on a regular basis.  I first noticed this man over a year ago, I would see him in similar places at the same time of day.

I wondered for a long time why he walks and why he walks so far.  And for some reason, every time I saw him I would feel sad.  I thought that maybe he was lonely, I knew nothing about him but I felt sad for him.  

Sometimes I wonder if he recognizes me like I recognize him when I pass him on the road.

One day about a year ago I saw the man walking with a beautiful border collie, this made me a little more happy for the man because he has a walking partner.  I am sure the dog loves the exercise and he has a companion.  

I still wondered about the man, I left like he had a very special story.  I have passed this man on foot a few times when I have been out for a fun and have been tempted to ask him about his life, but I never do it.

One night I asked Tyler if he has seen the man and if he knows anything about him.  He told me the man was in an accident and was told it would be very difficult for him to walk again.  When he healed and could walk I guess he decided he would never stop.

For me, this story is a little too simple and every time I pass him on the road I still want to know about him.  One thing I do always think when I see him is "What if God was one of us?"

I know it sounds crazy but if God was one of us would we recognize him and would we accept his form?  I am undecided if I actually think God lives in Corunna and walks all over Lambton County with his dog but I can't help but wonder.

Welcome to my imagination.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Weekend Review September 2nd - 5th

Friday night I stopped on my way home to take in some art 


Workout, sweat, unwind, stretch 

Late night walk with a friend

Sweat some more

Wrote down some goals and reasons why I do what I do

Enjoyed being alone at the end of the night

Saturday morning farmers market

Got some different food, got inspired, planned a dinner party

Purchased gifts for bridesmaids

Got so excited 


Dinner with friends

Planned to attend an Island Dance but the storm crushed our dreams

Girl talk in the garage

Lazy Sunday morning

Walk the dog with a friend

French fries

Grandma Lil's 90th Birthday


Dig through old pictures

Played with kids, thought about having kids

Got excited to have my own family

Felt blessed to be a part of a wonderful family

Laughs, dances, kisses, hugs, love, farewells till next time

Monday sleep in





Fort in the living room

Reality TV fest 

Chit chat about wedding with honey

Got excited 

Lost 3 hours of sleep because of wedding excitement

Rough night 

Great weekend