Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Holiday Style

Here are some of my favourite outfits from the last few weeks of holiday events. I always have fun getting dressed and the holidays are no exception. I do not get super dressed up for every holiday get together, there were a few that were totally snuggly outfits. (let me know in the comments if you would like to see more everyday outfit posts) I thought it would be fun to share some special outfits and offer some inspiration for your dressing, for any parties you may have from now until New Years Eve. I have included lots of pictures, outfit details and some thoughts on how I put these outfits together. If you already have your outfit planned for New Years Eve, I would love to know what you are going to wear, please comment below.

Twirl Worthy 
The Bradshaw skirt from Lace & Charm just makes me happy! If you have worn a tutu before, you know what I am talking about. Slipping this on allows me to step into full girly mode and I love that. I stayed cozy and comfortable by pairing it with a black turtle neck, tights and shoes and topped the whole look with a bold necklace that matched the colour of the skirt.

Shine On 
I put this outfit together for my Pether family Christmas, with the most important factor being comfort as we were in the car for a total of 5 hours that day. With comfort in mind, I grabbed my sequin front leggings. I purchased these maybe five years ago and always wear them around the holidays. I think sequins are actually a very classic staple to have in your wardrobe. I also have a sequin jacket that I have had for years and they always come in handy this time of year. I paired the pants with a black tunic, (pretty much a yoga outfit) but the sequins take it far beyond leisure wear. 

Cozy Flow
This was my Christmas Eve outfit at Tyler's parents house. This dress from Lace & Charm was from the spring collection but I have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it again and make it work in the winter. I paired it with black tights for church in the morning and when they ripped (lol) half way through the day, I put on my coziest stockings. I am glad my tights ripped because I love this combo so much more. The socks made the look much more relaxed and effortless. I purchased the socks a few winters ago from Comme Moi Boutique

I hope you found some fashion inspiration hear. I try to be creative and fearless with my outfits, fashion is such a fun way to express myself!

Happy Holidays

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Non Alcoholic Sippers

If you guys don't already know, I do not drink alcohol. I have been sober for almost 3 years now. I still love sipping something fancy this time of year while cooking, hosting and visiting with friends so here are some of my favourite non alcoholic sippers.

Cranberry Spritzer 
1/2 can of Cranberry Canada Dry (I love drinking this right from the can this time of year too)
1/2 cup of Orange Juice
Fresh cranberries
Serve in your favourite festive glass

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Your favourite hot chocolate
Add a dash of peppermint extract
Dip in a candy cane and let it hang on your mug for style and extra flavour

Hazelnut Latte 
Cup of hot coffee
Splash of almond milk
Tablespoon of butter
Teaspoon of Hazelnut Syrup
Blend all of these ingredients for one minute in a container with your immersion blender
Pour into your favourite large mug and top with whipped cream and cinnamon

Here are some things you may need to create these drinks at home. Merry Christmas and happy sipping! 


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Green Eyes Red Lips | Christmas Makeup Tutorial

Time for some red and green makeup, don't worry its not tacky. I think I have taken the classic Christmas colours and combined them to create the perfect holiday style look. The video is below, grab some eggnog and lets get glam together. I have also linked all the products, or similar products to the ones I used to create the look below.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Hope and Faith

Maybe you don't believe in Santa Claus and maybe you do, I fall into the later group.

This year my faith and hope has been tested and just like in anything we are tested in, if we have not practiced our skill than we will fail. I wouldn't say my faith tests were passed with flying colours but I would say I did pretty good and they helped me improve. Faith and hope is something I choose to work on living out in my daily life. I need reminders as to where my faith comes from and what I can be hopeful in but every time I get a good message about faith and hope I always realize I need to work on having more of it.

I have heard kids ask the questions about Santa, they want facts and while I know we are all wired different and some need more details than others, I cant help but wonder when we lose our childlike ability to just believe. To joyfully believe in something good.

My children have helped me reconnect with hope and faith, they just trust in the good. Working on seeing all the good, believing in goodness, having hope that tomorrow will be better and enough faith to walk that out makes my days brighter. So I choose to believe because I think it is a choice, an action something that requires effort but is worthwhile. So far, no amount of hope and faith has ever caused me harm, it only proves to lift my spirits and encourages me to move through our sometimes dark world, with more light in my life.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, 14 December 2017

OOTD | Juxtapose

I wore this look two weeks ago when it was warmer for a meeting, errands and because my second meeting of the day cancelled and I had an aunt on kid duty, I treated myself to lunch and work at Blackwater Coffee. I love days like this, its a luxury to run so many errands in one day and then sit and do what I love.

My thought behind this look was to create an interesting mix with a super dressy, super pretty top that I rarely get to wear, by pairing it with more casual items. I loved how this look came together and this is a technique I use often when I want to wear a special, dressy piece for everyday, I juxtapose it with something casual.

The Look

Moto Jeggings from Lace & Charm 
I have talked about these before, they are on repeat in my wardrobe for their style, comfort and the colour is a fun neutral.

I have showcased similar items from the outfit in the images below.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

These Days | December 2017

We run around fast to the song "Run Run Rudolph" 

We sing all the Christmas carols

We talk about Jesus 

We run the mall and do small amounts of Christmas shopping 

We eat more treats than usual

We build a lot of forts 

We read Christmas books 

I get to experience Christmas from a child’s perspective 

Hope is stronger in my life than it has ever been before

I am very aware of my blessings 

I try to balance my passion for motherhood, wife life and excitement for my business because too much of everything is not good for me

I am learning self control is a large component to success in all areas of life 

I am not good with self control  but I am getting better 

We get to spend so much time with family

The home renovations continue 

I feel God’s direction in all areas of my life stronger than ever before, it’s not always comfortable 

I am sinking into the slowness of winter 

We snuggle on the couch 

We pile marshmallows on our hot chocolate 

I have yet to write and send my Christmas cards, (it may not happen again this year)

These days are a blessing, all of these days, thank you Lord for these days.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

How To Apply False Lashes | HAL Makeup Artistry

False lashes are the perfect topper for any holiday makeup look. In this tutorial I am giving you some techniques to make your personal false lash application easier, check it out below.

I am now booking makeup appointments for New Years Eve, you can email me to book your time, I travel to you.

Friday, 8 December 2017

LOTD Winter Weekend Wardrobe | Knit Wit

I wore this look last weekend to Christmas On The Farm. I don't follow a lot of rules these days when I get dressed so while some may think this is a lot of knit in one outfit, I loved how it came together and the comfort level was equal to wearing a blanket.

I remember when I was a girl I would make fun of my mom for dressing super warm but not always looking super chic. Now that I am a mom (and mature woman) I am so over sacrificing warmth for style (sorry mom now I get it) but I think I struck an even balance with this outfit. I did wear a coat to Christmas On The Farm  and my rule for winter coats these days is, they need to cover my bum to truly do the job. Lessons learned along the road I guess.

All of the pieces in this outfit are items I have had for years but I found similar items and showcased them in the carousel below if you want to shop this look. I featured some key makeup pieces I am wearing as well.

Please share your Canadian winter dressing rules, tips and tricks in the comments.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

James 1:17

This was my memory Bible verse from two weeks ago. I love reading and reciting these Bible verses daily, they strengthen me. I have always heard people say "let the word penetrate your soul" reading the same verse everyday for a week really does that, it penetrates me on a deep level and lifts me up each morning. 

EVERY, I need the reminder regularly that all this good and all the successes in my life are from above. It is not by my own strength or ability that I have obtained or accomplished anything, it is all a blessing from God. It is my hearts desire to know God, submit to Him and live a life lead by Him. Thank you Lord for taking this hot mess woman and turning me into someone who is able to do some good work for you. 

Walking and learning by faith everyday....