Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Lesson Learned on Vacation

Vacation time is so necessary but sometimes you don't realize that until you actually take time off.  I think it is very easy to get caught in your regular routine and be wound a little too tight without realizing it.  

This was the case for me returning from my vacation.  It took some clean air, water, trees and quality time with my husband to make be realize, I need to work harder on my life's balance.

This will probably be a life long journey for me as I am someone who completely throws myself into things.  I have some pictures from my Muskoka vacation that I will keep as a reminder to always take a deep breath, look around and prioritize.

Here are some of those photos, enjoy!   

Friday, 10 August 2012

Early Mornings

I just returned from vacation where I spent a week in a beautiful summer home with 14 close friends.  I have to say my favourite parts of the days were the early mornings.  I was one of a few early risers so there was normally a few ladies stirring around the kitchen making the first pot of coffee, cutting fruit for breakfast and of course cleaning up the empties from last nights, night hawks.  

Anyone one else who is an early riser understands the calm and beauty in this part of the day.  Especially with the number of people in the house, these mornings kept me sane. 

During my regular work week the wee hours of the morning are also my most productive time in the day.  The hours before the phone begins to ring and the emails start to roll in.  

In the busyness of my beautiful Muskoka vacation I made time to make my own little memories and recharge the way I know I need to.  I am feeling a little sluggish from staying up later than I normally do and not eating as healthy as regular but for the most part I feel recharged and am looking forward to getting back to reality.

Stay tuned for vacation pictures in an upcoming post.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

What I Have Learned From a Year of Blogging

I have been blogging for a year now. I really enjoy telling my story and getting some of my crazy thoughts out of my head. At times it has been challenging to set time aside to sit and write. Once I do make time to do it, I always enjoy the process.

More often then not I will write a blog and then sleep on it and review it the next day. This has allowed me to work through certain situations on my own and logically. Some may say that I am a little dramatic. The process of writing my thoughts while my emotions are high and then evaluating them when I have had an opportunity to calm down and think logically has given me a new perspective on problem solving. I am working to apply this process to my real time life experiences.

I am excited to continue sharing my story and am appreciative of the people who have taken part over the last year.

Thanks for reading, sharing and responding.