Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 | Brigden Fair | HWY 21 Drive

Thanksgiving; gratitude, food and family. The awesomeness of Christmas without the pressure of gifts. This weekend we did all the things we normally do on Thanksgiving weekend, traditions like a trip to the Brigden Fair and a HWY 21 drive north to Port Elgin. I love it all, every bit of it. The craziness of getting our family out the door on a schedule, keeping kids happy on long car rides, a few disagreements with the husband because we have spent the last 24 hours very closely together, the hugs and kisses, the falling into bed with the best kind of tired, its all a blessing. Its life, its a good life, its a full life and God has blessed me with it all. I am grateful to God for what I have.

Holidays also make me feel nostalgic. As I introduce my children to the experiences that make up my memories and essentially shaped who I am, I experience a feeling, do you know the one? The one you get when travelling to Grandma & Grandpas house while looking out the window as you reminisce on the holidays gone by. You want to share your thoughts and emotions but its hard to put them into to words so you just keep staring out the window, soaking in that feeling and taking in the familiar scenery that somehow becomes more valuable the older you get. That one, that feeling. I am grateful for that too.

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