Tuesday, 17 October 2017

6 Years Of Marriage | Keeping It Real

I don't write about my marriage often because I feel it is unfair as I am only one half but I had Tyler read this before I shared it to make sure he was ok with everything I wrote.

We just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend! We made dinner at home alone (the kids were with grandparents) and it was so nice. Each year on our anniversary we read the messages our wedding guests wrote to us, the day we got married. In place of table numbers, we placed note pads with numbers and asked our guests to write us a note for that anniversary, then on that year we read the notes from the specific table number. It’s really fun and hilarious to read the notes, it takes us right back to our wedding day. 

Our wedding day was an awesome fun party with all the people we love, I remember the high of the day that left me floating for awhile. 

I love being married to Tyler and I love our life. 

Married life is hard, raising humans with your partner is challenging and staying connected with Tyler during a season where we hit the pillow some nights without even talking, is in my opinion, more challenging than raising children. 

I have no doubt the work is well worth the effort as I have many examples of awesome long and beautiful marriages around me. But, in the middle of long days, sometimes little romance and intimacy it can feel scary and I have wondered will we ever get back to where we were? It’s only been six years and we have many more lessons to learn but one thing I have learned is there are ebbs and flows to our marriage and we can’t get stuck in the little ruts, they won’t last and when we do push through them, we come out on the other side so much better for it. So no, we won’t get back to where we were because we were different people and our circumstances were different but we will get to a new better spot if we keep working at moving forward together. 

We need help sometimes too, we can’t make it work alone. We need grandparents to watch the kids and advice from our parents, grandparents and counsellors. We need our friends as sounding boards for honest conversations and I need the guidance of God to be the best wife I can be. 

Marriage is awesome and challenging! I am grateful to be doing this life with Tyler, he is a perfect match for me in this imperfect life. 


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