Friday, 6 October 2017

Jesus Coffee Makeup | OOTD | Canadian Lifestyle Brand

I am really excited to share HAL GEAR with you! HAL GEAR basically takes the things I share on social, which are part of who I am, and turns them into wearable and usable products. I have learned from sharing honestly, that when you freely and humbly put yourself into the world, you will easily relate to others. I am not the only one who experiences what I experience or thinks what I think, and thats why I love to share. Through sharing, honest vulnerable conversations are had and then super cool relationships are formed.

It may seem simple to wear a t-shirt the states some of your favourite things but who knows, I may attract my next new best friend by putting myself out there in a cool, fashionable and honest way. 

So with that, I have launched HAL GEAR with two initial t-shirt designs. There is so much more fun stuff to come but I need to learn to pace myself so for now you can order the first two designs on my website. 

The t-shirt featured in this "outfit of the day" post is my motto (I try but sometimes fail) for starting my day. When I start with Bible study and prayer it sets a more joyful tone for my whole day, then of course coffee to get me powered up and makeup to make me feel polished. 

If this design speaks to you, you can shop it from my website. You can also shop the pants in this look from the Shop section on my website where I feature lots of my current favourite things.

Thank you for sharing in the conversation with me here, I truly appreciate it.


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