Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A letter to my friends from the phase I am in.

I am sorry. 

I am not with you in person as much as we both would like but you are in my thoughts daily. 

I currently use babysitters for work and date nights with my husband and it doesn't seem like there is much time left for anything else. 

I make plans but then sometimes need to cancel because someone gets sick. 

You are important. 

So so important. 

I know the conversations I have with you can only be had with you. I don't take that for granted, just please save a seat for me at the table, I will be there when I can. 

Please give me some grace. 

I will make it back to the table, to the conversation. 

You are important. 

I am truly doing what I can. 

You don't have to wait for me but just don't forget about me because I haven't forgotten about you. 

To my girlfriends, I love you. 

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