Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Most Fun Shopping Trip

I thoroughly enjoy a full day of shopping, sometimes solo, with friends or for a date day with Tyler. I consider myself a pretty seasoned shopper so I thought I would offer some of my shopping trips to help you make your next shopping trip a huge success. I hate wasting time and I have totally been there when I need something new, have money to burn, things don't come together and I go home empty handed. Here are my shopping tips to help you always have the must fun and successful shopping trip.

1. Keep a running list of things you need.
As soon as you realize you are out of something or something needs to be replenished, open your app and add it to the list. I follow this rule for everything from groceries, to wardrobe, to items I need for the house. I use the app Wunderlist and create lists for categories and stores i.e. groceries or the mall. When I go on a specific shopping trip or into a specific store, I double check that matching list before I start shopping to ensure I stay focused and do not forget something I really need.

2. Set a budget
It is freeing and exciting to shop within a set budget. I love to challenge myself to put together an outfit within a budget, this causes me to shop my closet, ensure I don't purchase things I don't need and helps me to prioritize what I truly love. Sometimes I get many items for less or sometimes I save it all up and splurge on one special piece.

3. Eat, Hydrate & Caffeinate
I can not make decisions when I am hungry and if I haven't eaten properly how will I know if things will fit me properly after a meal. I normally carry snacks (mom life) so I always have something quick to snack on. If I am doing a full shopping day I make sure I have included time for a meal break to relax, refuel and reflect on my shopping list.

4. Take Your Time
I only shop with my children when my shopping does not require a lot of thought or time. If I am hunting for a new pair of jeans I know I need time to try on many pairs at a few stores and move in them a little to consider the fit. I always try to be realistic with how much time I need to complete tasks as rushing never ends well for me.

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
I have been so surprised when trying things on that I would not normally choose for myself, hangers can be decieving. You may think something is your style, only to find out its not or visa versa. Don't be afraid to pull a few things off the rack you normally wouldn't choose for yourself, the worst thing that could happen is you choose to put it back. The best thing that could happen, you find a new style the refreshes your wardrobe and your perspective on putting together some new outfits.

I hope these shopping tips were helpful but I would love to hear from you too. Comment below or on social media with your shopping tips, I want to know.

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