Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Lizzy Lately February

Elizabeth you make us so happy. You do not need to try and do anything special, you just need to be you.

You have the cutest run.

You have the cutest everything, seriously I can not handle it.

You love to say meow.

Meow is also the name of your pink and white cat.

You love to take showers. 

You are confident when taking part in felt board activities at the library and drop in centre.

You follow my moves when we do yoga at home so well. 

You are happy!

You have this little foot stamp happy dance you do when you are excited. 

We are working on learning to jump.

The way you say mommy and daddy melts our hearts, your voice is the sweetest thing ever. 

You are a snuggler. 

You still enjoy nursing but it’s more of a quiet time thing these days as you are easily distracted by your brother. 

You copy most of what your brother does and it’s awesome. 

You love music and singing. 

You love food. When we go to Gma and Pappas you go right to Papa and ask him to feed you. (I agree Lizzy, they always have the best eats at their house).

You are independent and affectionate, I think that means you can rely on others but also stand alone. Exercise both qualities always because both are beautiful and important to being a woman. 

You are very good at hide and seek, specifically at being quiet while hiding.

When we tell you to say cheese, you give us the biggest smile.

You are wonderful our Lizzy girl, Missy Moo, Lizzy Boo, we love trying to figure you out.

Love, Mom and Dad!

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