Thursday, 8 February 2018

OOTD | Sweaters

Its winter and I just want to be cozy. I am currently addicted to sweatshirts and hoodies. We have all loved hoodies forever but the sweatshirt, well friends, that one is making a come back. It is all about sweaters right now! With this style I gravitate towards girlier styles and colours but there is such a variety to choose from. Things are getting really fun with the graphics being printed on them. So many brands are using text to help us fashionistas share a little about ourselves. I am all for this fashion movement! I even love the style for the whole family, check out Elizabeth and I in some matching pink cozies. I picked up this pink hoodie pictured here from H&M and Elizabeth's is from Urban Kids both from the Lambton Mall in Sarnia.

A few more cute pink sweaters for $20 or less.

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