Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My Favourite Fragrances

Since our first Christmas together, Tyler and I have been gifting each other with fragrances for holidays and special occasions. It is really fun to smell through a fragrance section and try to choose one that will suite your loves personality. It is also awesome to have a collection of different fragrances to wear that will compliment different situations and looks. Lastly, my fragrances now hold special meaning. My favourite is Chanel Mademoiselle this is the first fragrance Tyler ever gifted me in the travel set . I love the smell, I love its staying power, I love how it makes me feel so womanly, I love that he loves it and I experience so many memories every time I wear it. Chanel Mademoiselle is definitely the overall fragrance of my closet. When your loved one is choosing a fragrance for you, you know its pleasing to them too, which I think is pretty special. Anytime Tyler takes the time to choose something for me, I always hold it dear. My favourite fragrance on Tyler is Bleu Chanel. Chanel can really do no wrong with fragrances in my opinion, expensive yes, but they last and the quality is exceptional.

If you need some last minute Valentines gift inspiration, check out some of my favourites fragrances below.

For Women 

For Men

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