Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Shaped By The Lake

We moved to the beach when I was four years old and my parents still live in the home we grew up in. It is the only home we have ever known. We soaked in all the summer fun the beach offered when we were children. We didn't take it for granted but I don't think we fully realized that not everyone has a beach at the end of their street until we were adults.

As an adult I am so grateful to have been raised on Lake Huron. Being close to the lake wasn't just a source of entertainment, it was a lifestyle that shaped my sisters and I. All three of us are pretty creative and I think being close to the water contributed to that. When you sit in the sand and look straight out into the water, your mind is quiet and free to dream. You can walk along the shoreline and take in the scenery, calming sounds and the rest of the world melts away. It is the first place where I learned how to be still and calm. Like the waves that change the landscape of the beach, the lake has contributed to forming the woman I am today.

My mom walks the beach daily almost all year round and for the past few years she has been collecting beach glass and saving it in jars. Her and my sister Sara gave Huron Glass two bins of the glass and from the glass my mom has found, my sisters and I now have the rings and pieces pictured in these images. These rings are beautiful but they definitely hold an extra special place in my heart knowing they were picked by the woman who chose to raise us on the lake, from the beach where I grew up. I not only have lake water in my veins, now I have beach glass in my style too!

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