Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Book Report | Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure

My mother gave me "Staying Stylish" for Christmas and I finished reading it in January. Since then I have had the opportunity to apply some of the tips offered in the book to my life. In "Staying Stylish" Candace Cameron Bure offers tips on cultivating a look, that will help you feel confident. Advice is offered on all areas of style; wardrobe, skin care, makeup, hair and overall well being. A theme through the book is understanding who you are and showcasing your unique qualities through the way you present yourself.

The is the second book I have read written by Candace Cameron Bure and I also follow her on social media. One characteristic I admire about her and try to emulate in my own life is her ability to prioritize her life based on the leadership of God. She is a woman lead by God and allows His work in all areas of her life, even fashion and fitness. This is something I am taking steps towards each day and Staying Stylish, offered me practical tips that I could start applying right away.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically in the last four years and that is absolutely reflected in my wardrobe. I have been donating items as I turn over my closet the last few years and many of my old clothes are no longer relevant to my current fashion needs. My body has reached a point now where it has levelled out and hopefully wont be changing much so I have started to build a refreshed wardrobe that serves my current lifestyle needs. This book helped me to understand how to go about building my new wardrobe and consider all the different scenarios I need to dress for.

The fashion section is divided into categories based on clothing item and advice is offered on how to shop for an item, tailoring clothes, and how to use specific items in different outfits. I found this helpful as sometimes I can stick pretty close to my comfort zone when it comes to everyday dressing but the various categories helped me realize some gaps I had in my wardrobe, like my outerwear collection. Having a well rounded wardrobe that fits makes presenting yourself well, in different situations easy because you have classic pieces that interchange to create a variety of looks. This is what I am striving for and I am really enjoying the process of developing my personal style in this phase of life. Staying Stylish, is a book I will reach for often as a guide for helping me on my staying stylish journey.

Overall this book was a fun easy read filled with that classic Candace Cameron Bure pep that we all love and lots of pictures to inspire our own looks. A great read!