Thursday, 22 March 2018

Embracing Mama Bear

I am a mama bear.

I love my children ferociously.

I love my children softly.

I teach them skills that will help them navigate their world.

I pray and trust in God's guidance.

I make decisions on behalf of my children.

I hope my decisions are the right ones.

I get tired and I growl at everyone around me.

I feel guilty sometimes.

I feel so intensely.

I love other mamas.

I respect other mamas.

I love my own mama bear.

Some days I am just surviving.

Some days I make amazing things happen.

I resisted the changes that this role brought to my life even after giving birth to my first child but I could only resist for so long, now that I have embraced mama bear, I am so much more joyful.

Embracing mama bear.

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