Monday, 1 January 2018

Christmas Vacation 2017

I am not sure what to say that has not been said before. I love Christmas more every year, it gets more fun and I love the little things woven through the big holiday season moments.

I thought a lot about traditions this year, we celebrate some old traditions that have been passed down from our families but we are creating our own now which is pretty cool too.

Here are some traditions or moments I would like to remember from this holiday season.

An impromptu snowy family photo shoot. 

Getting together with family from out of town, no matter the distance.  

Christmas concerts on fire places.

Christmas Eve service in our very best Sunday best!

Cooking in my Mrs. Claus apron. 

Scavenger hunts for gifts. 

Snuggling up with Christmas books. We do a Christmas book advent with the kids and open one Christmas book each day in December before bed. 

Luke’s sweet and soft voice on Christmas morning, waking me up “it’s Christmas, Merry Christmas” a sound I will never forget, locked in my heart forever. 

Christmas day in our pjs, playing, eating and moving slow as a family. 

Dance parties!

Winter walks. 

Doing everyday life together like going to the grocery store. To me these moments are a gift, just doing life, our little Lapier squad. 

New Years Eve as a family! We decorated cupcakes, watched the countdown on TV, ate appetizers, danced and blew our horns. Lizzy was in bed by 8, followed by Luke at 9 and mom and dad at 11:30. 

We actually had plans to go out but changed our minds last minute and did what we really wanted to do, chill. It was an awesome way to start our New Year. We need to focus on us, whats good for us and our family, look more at each other for direction, not so much on whats going on around us. 

I hope your Christmas and New Year was filled with all the great stuff that makes you happy and that you are pumped for the year ahead. 

I love you and am so glad you have spent time with me hear. 


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