Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Summer Memories

I cant say I watched a whole lot of baseball at the Jays vs Tigers game in Detroit on Sunday but I did have a lot of fun watching my kids take in the excitement of their first professional baseball game. We went with Tyler's family for my brother-in-laws birthday and we had such a fun day. We watched a little bit of baseball, ate some really yummy food and rode the rides with the kids.

When we were at the top of the ferris wheel, we could hear the announcers of the game perfectly over the speakers. The sound of baseball over the radio brings me back to summertime as a child. It is a defining memory for me when it comes to summer. Driving in the car to the cottage, with the windows down, everyone almost asleep, dad driving and listening to the baseball game on the radio as the summer air swept through our car. Whenever I hear a baseball game through the muffle of a speaker, I am taken back to those days.

Now I get to create summer memories with my children. I wonder what will stick out for them?

After the game on Sunday, all the kids were invited to run the bases, I captured that moment in the video below.

I would love to know some of the moments that shaped your summers as a child, please share in the comments or on social media.

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