Friday, 4 May 2018

Spring Fashion Trends 2018 | Part 3 | Basics

The items I am showcasing in this post, are the ones I will probably get the most wear out of this Spring/Summer as they will be the foundation for so many outfits. Items like t-shirts are something I refresh in me wardrobe two to three times a year. I use to hold onto every sentimental piece but now I try really hard not to do that. If something is worn out, I replace it. Here are this years basics, they set the tone for my everyday style right now.

Graphic t-shirts are the rage right now. Have fun with your basics and choose a brand that says something about you. I love the designs from The Light Blonde and how they allow me to share God's light through my style. I love the crisp classic look of this Saved T-shirt.

Jean Shorts
I already have a pair of classic denim shorts so I went for a distressed style to add to my wardrobe this season. I got them one size bigger than I normally wear because I wanted them to be comfortable, not too short and not dig into my thighs. I got this tip from Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure. I found these at H&M in the Lambton Mall where they had an entire wall of denim short styles but you can also see this exact style online here.

White Jeans
These are my date night pants for the next few months. I wore them out this week and waited until the last minute to put them on before leaving the house because I didn't want the kids to get them dirty but I LOVE them. They are so comfortable, the details on the ankle hem are funky and the denim is thick so they are not see through. You can find the J'adore Skinny Jeans here  on Lace & Charm. I purchased them in a size 25, I normally wear a 26 or 27 but I size down when the denim is extra stretchy.

Muscle Tanks
I have loved muscle tanks for a few seasons now. I love how they are a little tom boyish and edgy and I love to wear them with a full, glam face of makeup and lashes, I just think its a really sexy mix. This distressed tank from The Light Blonde, is very soft and allows me to share a kind message. I also feel like wearing this message "Do Unto Others" will keep me in check as I go about my days.

I love to have fun with my Spring/Summer accessories, give me all the sunnies, hats and fun bags. (I am still on the hunt for the perfect new bag this season but I will let you know when I find it.) These are the items that turn my basic t-shirts and jean shorts into a complete and styled look. I love this hat from H&M, its the perfect size for keeping the sun off my face everyday and looking chic out and about.

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