Friday, 6 April 2018

Spring Makeup Tutorial | Caryl Baker Visage Free Spirit Collection

I have been having so much fun creating a glowing spring face with the Caryl Baker Visage, Free Spirit Collection the last week. I instantly loved this palette because when I have almost everything I need in one place, it makes life easier and I am all about efficiency. The mirror in the palette is huge for an easy full face application. The makeup pans are individually refillable which is smart so I can refill just my favourite colours when they run out. The pigments are vibrant and the products are blendable.

All of the shades in this collection compliment each other beautifully so I will be able to create a variety of looks. I don't like to limit myself to just use shadows on my eyes and blush on my cheeks so I consider all colours fair game for creating new looks. In the makeup tutorial below, I show you how I used one of the eyeshadows to contour my face. I hope you will check out this tutorial, I share lots of tips for using the Free Spirit Collection and some more reasons I love this makeup! If you want to try the Free Spirit Collection for yourself, you can visit a Caryl Baker Visage location and have the colours applied on you. That is one of the reasons I love CBV, you have an opportunity to try the products before you buy them, with the assistance of a Face Expert.

Here is the full makeup tutorial. 

You can find a full description and pricing on the Caryl Baker Visage Free Spirit Collection here.

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Many more spring makeup tutorials, beauty tips and fashion trends to come.