Monday, 10 July 2017

These Days | July 2017


Summer has arrived and these days

We have daily battles to put on sunscreen.

We dip our toes in the water.

We stay up way too late.

Luke goes to bed with dirty feet.

We run through splash pads.

As Elizabeth hits milestones, Tyler and I reminisce about Luke at the same age.

We live in a bit of chaos as we renovate our main floor bathroom but we surprisingly don't feel stressed. It will be done by Christmas;)

We can never have enough beach towels, what is with beach towels, they always go missing.

There is sand on the floor.

I feel like I am always telling someone to shut the door.

I pray a lot while nursing Elizabeth.

Routine does not exist.

We go go go for a few days then crash for a few days.

We can hear the boats on the river from our house.

Lizzy is sleeping through the night and I have been waking up before everyone and its my favourite time of the day.

When Luke and I hang alone it's so so sweet.

I love to watch Elizabeth's face as we look out the window each morning.

I feel so blessed it scares me.

There are moments in these days when I try really hard to capture a picture and seal it in my heart so I can remember it forever.

I am grateful for these days.

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