Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Luke Riding His Dirt Bike Solo

We are at the cottage right now and having more fun than I could have imagined. Lizzy is napping and Luke and Tyler are playing with the other kids and adults in the boat house. You guys know  I am taking a billion pictures and videos right?! I am so excited to share this place with you, it's not fancy but it's awesome.

A few weeks ago Luke got on his dirt bike, with training wheels and went for his first big ride alone. A few months prior, when we originally put the training wheels on his bike he went for a quick ride alone but got scared. We took them off and him and dad continued to ride together but we kept asking him if he wanted to ride alone. In his own time he decided he was ready and he had a blast ripping around our back field. Below is the video of his first ride. I am so proud of him for simply doing something he loves in spite of a little fear. I am also a little nervous as dirt bike riding is a dangerous sport. That being said, I just want my children to be happy evem if their sports of choice are a little more daring.

I would love to know what kinds of passions your children have and when you started to notice their love for that specific spot, please share below.

Thanks for watching and being a part of the conversation.


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  1. Wow this video is so cute! dirt biking at such a young age must be fun! even watching it is fun so doing it must be double fun