Friday, 11 August 2017

Sheet Masks | For Beloved Girl

If we are friends on Instagram and you like to hang out in Insta Stories like I do, then you have probably seen me looking crazy wearing a sheet mask.

I had the opportunity to try out a variety of sheet masks from the company For Beloved One and I am excited to now share my thoughts with you on the brand and sheet masks in general.

Once you get past the fact that you look crazy while wearing a sheet mask, I promise you are going to fall in love with this raging beauty trend. I have learned through some beauty research why sheet masks are so awesome. A sheet mask is loaded with lots of vitamins and hydrating serums and when we place that on our face, sealed with the mask fabric, it gives our skin a better opportunity to absorb all those rejuvenating ingredients. When we apply serums and moisturizers conventionally on a daily basis, our skin absorbs a portion of the product but a portion also absorbs into the atmosphere. A sheet mask allows our skin to get a super boost of nutrients in a short period of time.

After using a sheet mask my skin always feels instantly more plump, it goes from raisin to grape, you know what I mean. You get instant results with these beauty tools which is why I recommend this product for anyone prepping for a special event makeup application.

The packaging says to leave them on your skin for 15 minutes but I normally wear mine for at least 30 minutes or longer.

The very cool and unique characteristic of the For Beloved One sheet masks, is that they are created from a bio-cellulose bio medical material which was created to aid in medical artificial skin and cardiovascular repair. There are many sheet masks on the market but the For Beloved One formulation is the first sheet mask of its kind. The creator worked in the beauty industry for years and when Margaret Wu started For Beloved One she set the bar high for the quality of ingredients she would use in her products, with the goal of caring for female skin.

You can learn more about For Beloved One on their website and where you can shop these amazing products near you.

As I said, I think sheet masks are a wonderful treatment to use the night before or morning of a big event, to give you an extra special glow. My skins moisture levels have also improved after using these masks regularly on a weekly basis, so I would also recommend them as a product you could add to your weekly at home facial regime.

I would love to know if you have tried sheets masks, what brands you love and what your experience has been with this beauty trend, please comment below.

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  1. Sheet masks are no doubt the best thing to have ever been invented. They are not time consuming, pretty affordable, easy and simple to use for all females. It revitalises your skin, wakes you up quicker, makes you look alert and active which makes a subconscious positive impact on other people