Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tough Dirt

I planted some lettuce and herbs in our backyard garden a few weeks ago with the kids. Tyler normally borrows a rototiller, adds more dirt to the garden and gets it ready for me to add plants. His spare time is limited right now because of the bathroom renovation and I just wanted to do it by myself. So I went old school and chopped the dirt with a hoe.

I was very confident going into mixing the dirt but after about five chops I realized why Tyler doubted my ability to do the manual labour, it was really hard earth. I persisted, the garden was completed and Luke and I had the best time working on it (keep your fingers crossed for us that our plants actually grow). 

As I chopped at the dirt though, I thought (I know why people like gardening, it's so good for your soul and mind). I always feel very connected to God when I am in nature and my time in the garden was some good chat time with God.

I could not believe how hard the dirt got over the winter and how when worked it still produces fruits and vegetables. It made me think of how God works on my hard parts, the parts I don't want to let loose but he keeps working on them and adding to them through His word and eventually I loosen and let Him into that area of my life. When I give those hard parts over to God, He does beautiful things with them.

I am grateful that God always tends to me even after I have hardened areas of my life, He continues to care for me and use all of me for His goodness.


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