Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Prom Beauty Tips

Its prom season! What an exciting time for anyone graduating this year. 

I had the pleasure of working with these beautiful ladies over the weekend to create their prom looks, and I thought I would offer a few beauty tips, for anyone attending prom in the next few weeks. 

Prom Beauty Tips

Wear sunscreen on your face and body to avoid a burn and tan lines leading up to prom night.  

Search inspiration for your hair and makeup and bring the pictures with you to your appointments so you and your beauty team are working from the same page. 

Get some blotting papers or a pressed powder to keep in your purse, to take care of oil in your t-zone before pictures. 

Purchase the lip colour from your look so you can stay polished all day. 

If you can, get some rest the day before prom so you are not puffy and tired on the big day. 

Smile in your pictures, the duck face is a fad, smiles are classic!


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