Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gratitude Monday - A New Roof

So this weekend was a great one, we got a new roof!  Tyler worked hard with his amazing brothers and friends through the weekend to re do our house and garage roof.  I love the town we live in, I love our little community of family and friends and I love my hard working husband.

Today I am grateful for the new roof to keep us warm and dry all winter and the hard work from our loving friends and family that went into it.

Happy Monday folks, I hope you have a great week!


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  2. Congratulations on installing a new roof that will keep you safe from whatever the weather throws at you. Also, kudos to your very supportive family and friends for their hard work in helping you! You are so blessed to have them in your life, and for being destined to live in such a wonderful environment. Thanks for sharing that, Heather! All the best!

    Carl Morton @ All-In-One Home Solutions, LLC

  3. Good thing Tyler’s brothers were able to help him out with the roof. It would have been very difficult to do that on his own. Also, you were able to save a lot of cash by not hiring someone to do it. Thanks for sharing this with us, Heather. All the best!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof

  4. I might be a little weird but there is nothing quite like the feeling of a new roof. It gives a little bit of a lift to any house. And it brings the age of the house down quite a bit. It also just makes you look like a more responsible homeowner. I find that that quality tends to help.

    Catherine Burns @ Easton Roofing LLC