Saturday, 22 September 2018

The First Day Of Fall

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We celebrated the first day of fall with an apple picking adventure at Zekvelds. The orchard/farm was buzzing like a bee hive. The crisp weather had everyone in the autumn spirit, ready to enjoy all the new season has to offer.

I am so glad I get to experience all four seasons! The change of each season is so energizing as we get to enjoy the food, activities and fashion that the new temperatures bring.

I know I have been apple picking before but I don't really remember it so we are going to call today a first for all of us. The orchard was so beautiful! Looking at a branch heavy with ripe apples literally made my mouth water and made me think, "wow I am so glad to call this little corner of the world my home". We have so much to explore in our backyard and seeing it through the eyes of my children is a huge gift, this is how the world is meant to be seen.

Luke raced from tree to tree "mom help me find some low ones", "mom lift me up". Lizzy helped pick a few and then she just started to eat an apple, stopping periodically to ask me to help her remove some of the skin. The rows of fruit trees were inviting and I kinda just wanted to set up camp there for the day but Elizabeth was not going to let us forget the horse we saw on the way out to the apples. Once our bags were full, we headed back towards the store and spent time walking around the rest of the grounds checking out the chickens, pigs and horse. They had a little barn shed set up pretty with autumn decorations and Luke loved leaping across the hay. My heart is exploding with love and gratitude after today, it was the perfect way to kick off the fall season!

I  have the great pleasure of mommin all day every day. Some days like today are adventure days and some days are hang around the house laundry days. No matter the day, I am so grateful to God to be mommin. I can only mom the way I do because of my husband though, so while he worked hard today we got to play. My mommin skills are only what they are because of who he is. As Tyler always says "teamwork makes dream work" and man, this mommin work is a dream!

Happy Autumn!

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Thursday, 20 September 2018

15 Minute Everyday Makeup

I don't feel like I need makeup on to leave the house but I do enjoy wearing it and I love the process of getting ready in the morning. In this makeup tutorial, I take you through my current everyday makeup routine. This look takes me about 15 minutes to complete. The focus is on skin, foundation products are my favourite and the eyes are super simple. I have key makeup pieces in my makeup bag which is what I get ready with each morning. This is a time saver as I am not searching through all of my makeup each day to find what I need. When I try something new, I switch the products out in my makeup bag so the products don't get out of control.

Here is what I am using and doing right now to create a quick, polished, everyday look. Thanks for watching!

I have linked the products I used below, if you want to check any of them out for yourself.

Monday, 17 September 2018

A Mother's Gut

Every mother's heart is different to match the love for her unique children. I believe every mother is the perfect mother for her child. We as mothers truly know what is best for our individual children. We boldly make choices on their behalf through sleepless nights, prayer, discussions with our own mothers and council from friends, but we have the final say. We are all doing our best. No matter the differing styles, we are all trying our best everyday.

So why are we afraid when someone does something different than we do? I think its rooted in that .5% of our gut that is still not sure if our own choices are right. If someone is doing something differently, maybe there is a different way for me to do something. This shouldn't scare us, this should inspire us and if not, we should just continue moving in our own direction.

Motherhood is a team sport. I certainly can't do this job without the support of many.

I was really wrestling with some mixed up motherhood feelings recently. I had shared some of my thoughts and emotions with friends about my conflict and each conversation left me feeling unresolved and somewhat isolated as people offered advice that didn't relate to me specifically. Finally I found solace when a mother simply said "trust your gut". She may not have agreed with my thought process, she may not choose to mother my way but she knew, that my gut instinct, even if it was different from hers, was the right direction for my child.

Trust your gut! My gut may tell me to do something different than your gut but I guarantee, no matter our differences, our guts and hearts are in the right place when it comes to mothering. Its ok if I do things different than you do because my kids are different than yours and likewise. We all have the same end game in mind, to raise happy, healthy, people who are kind and will make our world a better place. So lets support each other in this amazing work we are called to do. The support of others will help us to make more bold, gut trusting moves and our kids and world will be better for it.


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Mix It Up | Style By HAL

I love pairing soft pretty fashion pieces with items that are more tough. I have had a vision of creating this kind of look with this tutu from Lace & Charm  since I got it last winter. I am having a lot of fun these days mixing it up, fashion is supposed to be fun right! I take myself too seriously sometimes, getting creative with my outfits helps me to loosen up and laugh at myself. Dressing is truly a passion for me and when a vision comes together like it did for this outfit, it makes me excited.

I put this outfit together specifically for these pictures but I would wear this if I was going to a concert or birthday party depending on the location, it would be for a special event that was not too formal. Fashion and photos are kind of becoming an art for me too, all of my socials are a creative outlet and I love how my blog can evolve with me as I grow and change.

With any outfit, I think there needs to be some sort of balance. I normally think of this in terms of weight. Like the skirt is lightweight and the boots and belt are heavy. The shirt is light but the graphics are heavy and grungy and the hat is heavy too. The scrunchy, thats just fun and practical.

I hope this post encourages you to play around with some items in your wardrobe!

Love You!

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